Saturday, March 14, 2015

Under the Never Sky - Under the Never Sky #1

I almost quit on Under the Never Sky and I am happy I did not. The more I read the more I grew to love all the characters and appreciated the struggle every one of them was going through.

Aria started out annoying, a spoiled kid from the dome who never had a care or want in the world. While this quickly changed for Aria it took her awhile to stop being so selfish which I appreciated since it gave more life and depth to who Aria is. The interactions Aria has with the people around her is perfect, everything fit well and the progression of getting to know the people around her was real.

Perry came off as way more complex then Aria. Struggling to live every day and help feed the tribe caused Perry to grow up quickly. Due to his senses Perry often seemed to know other people better then himself and in several ways it feels like Perry is still getting to know himself.

Since I don't want to give away any spoilers I am holding off on talking about any of the other characters.

What made me almost give up was that I was confused at the start of Under the Never Sky. Things jumped around, I did not understand the lingo, nor did I really care about Aria. As the story progressed I could not get enough and I eagerly look forward to reading Through the Ever Night.

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