Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Deception is the second book in the Defiance trilogy. Having been on the waiting list for Deception for around a year I was beyond excited to finally have Deception arrive from the library.

Rachel was very different in Deception so different she came off as kind of a different character which annoyed me a good deal. Instead of being a strong confident person Rachel has fallen apart and all her determination in Defiance comes off as having been an act.

Logan is different as well but his transformation is a bit more believable. Tasked with leading the survivors from the cursed ones attack into the Wasteland Logan has to grow up and step up. Overwhelmed by the stress Logan clearly struggles with the issues of leading.

Sadly I must say that Deception for me suffered from second book syndrome. The plot line was predictable, Rachel's character development was wacky, and it felt too long winded in parts. Despite all the issues I had with Deception I do want to read Deliverance.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

World of Warcraft Chronicle

World of Warcraft Chronicle reads like a history book.

Broken down into different chapters each chapter covers a period of time for the development of Azeroth as it is known today along with the emergence of various races. Broken down into an easy to read format it was a delight learning about various aspects of Warcraft lore. I see myself referencing Warcraft Chronicle in the future if I ever need more information while reading other lore books.

Along with the rich history several maps and lovely pictures are included. All in all it was a wonderful read and I am eager for Volume II.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea is a marvelous work of layer upon layer. Several times I had no clue what was going to happen and I loved all the twists and turns.

While I still think Cassie is the main character she sort of steps back in The Infinite Sea and several other characters take the leading role. That disappointed me since I enjoy Cassie and seeing her struggles. Having been reunited with her little bother Cassie just wants to keep him safe but that is easier said then done in a world full of lies and deceit. Not to mention a little brother who has changed a lot after being in a boot camp training to kill.

I did not overly care for Ringer in The Fifth Wave but she sort of grew on my in The Infinite Sea. The last forty percent or so of the story focused on Ringer and while it was nice learning her back story it was a bit long winded.

Despite not having Cassie as the character with the most book time I enjoyed The Infinite Sea and eagerly look forward to the release of The Last Star later this month.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Fifth Wave

Despite having my eye on The 5th Wave for awhile I was in no hurry to get it from the library. What a mistake that was.

Cassie is a diverse character and at times I questioned her sanity. It made sense to me that she was so confused and her emotions jumped around. Having lost all her family and feeling like she let her little brother down being alone obviously weighs heavily on Cassie. This becomes apparent in how she acts and her ways of thinking.

Even though I have little time for reading I did manage to read The 5th Wave in two days I just could not put it down. Full of action, strongly developed characters, plot twists, and suspense I was just beyond eager to know what happens. I eagerly look forward to reading The Infinite Sea.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Cured is the squeal to Stung and shows the story from a new person's point of view.

Jacqui lives as Jack, terrified of being found out she is a girl among a world where women are sold she cuts her hair off, wears a tackle vest at all times, and learns to act like a boy. Until one day Jack decides she is going to find her brother Dean who left over a year ago to help a friend. I did not find Jack a really believable character nor did I like how everything always seemed to work out. No sacrifices were ever made by anyone it seems things just fell into place.

The writing was a bit annoying compared to Stung. Jack was not really developed nor did she grow in any way. While the main characters from Stung were around they just seemed and afterthought which I did not care for either. My biggest problem the book just stopped. Did not feel like it ended. Came across as Bethany Wiggings just stopped writing. I am not sure if another book is coming out or not but I don't see how the story could really continue despite Cured needed more sentences or something to finish it.