Friday, March 31, 2017

This is Where it Ends

This is Where it Ends is not my usual choice of book however since I read a few pages in the bookstore months ago I have been unable to get it out of my head.

The story occurs in less then an hour but changes the lives of every student at Opportunity High. A normal school assembly turns into a massacre when a former student chains the doors shut and locks the students inside to start shooting them. Told from the point of view of four different students at times the story feels far too surreal and horrifying to keep reading yet I was unable to stop.

I always find it a bit more challenging to review a true story so I tend to just focus on the writing and how it makes me feel. Horrifying, chilling, heartbreaking, angry, and hopeful where among the vast array of emotions I felt. Every person was written well and made it feel like I knew them. A powerful and eye opening read.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven is the final book in The Lying Game series.

Four months of living a lie as her twin and Emma is failing to appease Sutton's killer by keeping up the proper appearances. All that falls apart though when a body is found in Sabino Canyon and suddenly the police want answers as to why a dead girl who bears a resemble to Sutton is in the canyon. Unsure what to do Emma continues to try to lie her way out of everything while hunting the killer. Drawing ever closer to the truth Emma realizes she is running out of time before she ends up dead as well.

I had not realized Seven Minutes in Heaven was the final book when I started it. After having read the previous books I was not about accept most of the answers that were being presented to Emma and I was thrilled to find out my hunch about the killer from the first book was right. \

Emma's transformation from lost, shy, foster girl to tough, nothing phases me Sutton, to finding herself was wonderful written out and displayed. The teenage years are hard for anyone let alone someone trying to play a deceased twin they never met before yet the writing was flawless and fit perfectly. Overall I just loved the whole series and one day I will try the Pretty Little Liars series, not sure I would ever try to watch either series on tv since that is not my thing.

True Lies

True Lies is a novella in The Lying Game series.

One of my major complaints about novellas is they just do not feel like a complete story more like a chapter about a character that should have been included in the main story. This is not the case with True Lies. Since Sutton is dead during the time line of The Lying Game novels it is nice to see things from her point of view in the novellas. Not only that but they feel like a complete and total story.

Desperate to maintain her idea of control Sutton balks at letting her little sister Laurel into the lying game. Charlotte and Madeline have other ideas though and quickly amend the lying rule games so the two sisters have to face off to see if Laurel is going to be allowed into the exclusive club. Several different sides of Sutton were displayed along with how insecure Sutton felt all the time, in such a short few chapters my view and opinion of Sutton changed drastically.

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die is the fifth book in The Lying Game series.

Running out of suspects Emma continues to investigate Sutton's murder while doing all she can to keep the killer at bay. Still determined to bring Sutton's killer to justice Emma cowers in fear when she realizes that Becky, their mother, was in the canyon with Sutton the night she died. Could Becky have murdered her own daughter then forced her twin sister to step into her shoes in some twisted moment of regret?

For some reason I struggled with Cross My Heart, Hope to Die. I flat out did not want Becky to the killer so that was part of it. The drama and intense moments also seemed to dwindle down to nothing until the very end of the story at that point my interest was drastically caught up again.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is the fourth book in The Lying Game Series.

Emma continues to search for her sister's killer while living her life. Having thought she cleared Sutton's little sister Laurel she Emma is distraught to learn that Laurel's alibi for the night is a lie. Did her little sister kill her after all? To add to her stress Emma has to deal with Sutton's parents who are acting extremely odd. Perhaps the killer is closer then Emma though.

It feels like each book is having less and less tension. In the first couple books the killer kept leaving cryptic messages for Emma to just play along. Yet in the Hide and Seek that creep vibe did not really appear. Maybe I am just getting used to the style of writing so it is not as impact. Despite this I have Cross My Heart and Hope to Die downloaded on my Nook waiting to be read.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is the third book in the Lying Game series.

As Emma falls into the life of Sutton more and more her determination continues to grow when it comes to finding out who killed Sutton. Having cleared her friends for the most part Emma shifts her focus to Thayer. Having returned to town after missing for months Emma is convinced Thayer did Sutton in. Determined to find evidence she searches for the truth while trying to outwit a killer.

Two Truths and a Lie was slower and not as attention grabbing for me. I did like the plot but I would have liked a bit more drama and intense moments in it. The characters seemed a lot more tame and mild then in the previous books. Despite that I already have Hide and Seek which I am eager to start.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is the second book in The Lying Game series.

Totally unsure who to trust Emma continues to investigate the disappearance and death of her twin sister Sutton while living her life. Unsure on who to trust at all Emma decides to focus on the twitter twins, sisters who have a grudge against Sutton for a dangerous prank she played on them before disappearing. Determined to find answers Emma watches the Twitter Twins every move trying to figure out if they are responsible for her sister's disappearance and death.

Never Have I Ever was just as entertaining as The Lying Game. The entire time I was kept guessing as to each person's motives and trying to figure out what was going on. I loved the writing and how everyone is being portrayed in a way that could make them a suspect. I still have no clue who is responsible for Sutton's death but I am eager to find out, I cannot wait to start Two Truths and A Lie.