Saturday, March 25, 2017

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven is the final book in The Lying Game series.

Four months of living a lie as her twin and Emma is failing to appease Sutton's killer by keeping up the proper appearances. All that falls apart though when a body is found in Sabino Canyon and suddenly the police want answers as to why a dead girl who bears a resemble to Sutton is in the canyon. Unsure what to do Emma continues to try to lie her way out of everything while hunting the killer. Drawing ever closer to the truth Emma realizes she is running out of time before she ends up dead as well.

I had not realized Seven Minutes in Heaven was the final book when I started it. After having read the previous books I was not about accept most of the answers that were being presented to Emma and I was thrilled to find out my hunch about the killer from the first book was right. \

Emma's transformation from lost, shy, foster girl to tough, nothing phases me Sutton, to finding herself was wonderful written out and displayed. The teenage years are hard for anyone let alone someone trying to play a deceased twin they never met before yet the writing was flawless and fit perfectly. Overall I just loved the whole series and one day I will try the Pretty Little Liars series, not sure I would ever try to watch either series on tv since that is not my thing.

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