Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Taming the Forest King

Taming the Forest King was nothing I expected it to be at all. Magic, mythical creatures, and battles was what I imagined.

Tevra is the Colonel of the light Calvary and earned her rank through her skills and sheer determination. Sent by the king to an outer forest province Tevra is horrified to see the Governor living like a royal while the common people starve. Taking matters into her own hands Tevra quickly seizes control and learns the way of the forest people.

Taming the Forest King was different but it is hard to say how it was different. I really liked Tevra, she had flaws but none of them were annoying. She was just blind to a lot of things that did not involve warfare. Even though I read and enjoyed the story I am hard a bit hard pressed to say what the story was actually about. Despite that I never felt like I was reading filler. It was a fun read and I would consider reading other works by Claudia J. Edwards.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Dark Days Club

The cover is what drew me to The Dark Days Club so I downloaded a sample. The sample was a couple chapters and I was immediately drawn into the story. I had to learn more about Lady Helen.

Helen is intriguing and enlightening character. I love her spirit, despite her overbearing uncle she is determined to make her own choices and remain free. Having reached the eighteen Helen is to presented to the Queen and announce her coming out in society. Fearful of her mother's shady reputation Helen is shocked when the queen gives her unsettling news about her late mother.

The writing was a pleasure to read. I loved every word and the intricate word building. All the characters had lovely personalities with flaws, development, and clear differences between them all. I cannot wait to start The Dark Days Pact.

Wings of Arian

Wings of Arian was not totally what I expected it to be. What drew me in was the lovely cover, minus the snake of course.

Kiora is the main character and I was a bit confused at the start as to what was going on with things. The story starts in the middle of Kiora's training so I was a bit lost as to what Kiora was doing at the start of the book. I did some growth with Kiora as she learned to embrace the magic in her and her job as The Solus. Having lived her live in a sheltered valley Kiora is not overly sure of her destiny but she knows she wants to do what is right for the people who look to her. 

Emane is the crowned prince and used to everyone falling all over themselves to grant him his every wish. His father takes pride in the fact that his family line has no magic. It is to Emane's horror and his fathers that Emane is destined to the be protector of the Solus. Going into combat for someone is not so bad but doing it for Kiora, a girl he cannot stand, is a true test. 

Kiora's and Emane's relation was a bit of a struggle to read at times. It felt like it changed around a lot and quickly. One moment they hated each other and the next they were hugging. It just felt a bit far fetched. I did see a few typos and a few words missing letters but it did not take away from the story. I personally met the author and she told me about the stories so I know this was her first book. I could tell it was a first attempt at writing but I was also able to see how the writing evolved over time and smoothed out. I hope to see further improvement in the rest of the series.