Thursday, March 8, 2018


Unbelievable was quite the ride. I was so excited to see Unbelievable in the e-library and available. I quickly downloaded the story and dove right in.

With Emily's secret out and her transformation through a reform program a total failure her parents have shipped her to Iowa to be with conservative family. Horrified at the strict rules Emily just wants out. However one small comfort is A no longer has control over her every movement.

Aria just could not keep her hands off her teacher and due to a little secret A told he is now behind bars. Homeless and alone once again Aria tries to keep it all together while attempting to ignore further problems A is causing.

Continuing her therapy sessions Spencer is terrified she is not recalling the night Ali disappeared correctly and is involved in her death somehow. Horrified at the thought of having killed her best friend she desperately tries to remember clearly what happened that night.

Hanna is the worst off, having figure out who A is from a slip up on a text she is now in the hospital fighting for her life after being ran over by A. Struggling to wake up from her coma her friends desperately hope she will be alright and reveal who A is.

Unbelievable was one fast read, I could not wait to find out if Hanna remembered who A was. I have had a theory all along on how A got the information (hooray I was right) and I had some people in mind as well on who could be doing the stalking. My only thought is the story seemed pretty well tied up at the end so I am not sure how it will continue, I do have Wicked downloaded but I have not started reading it yet. I am hoping it will present a new intrigue that grabs my attention.


Perfect is the third book in the Pretty Little Liar's series.

The Rosewood girls just cannot seem to catch a break from the mysterious A and every moment I read was full of twists and turns for each girl.

Aria's life is going downhill fast with no where to turn to she relies on her new boyfriend for help while secretly wishing her old boyfriend was anyone but her teacher.

Emily still cannot come to terms with her sexuality and is a worried mess that her parents will disown her if they find out.

Hanna is a mess, having to deal with her parents messy divorce and being jealous of her soon to be step sister just makes her life more complicated. Add in she is losing her support group when her best friend suddenly losses interest in her Hanna has no idea where to go to see a friendly face.

Spencer continues to struggle with clawing her way out of Melissa's, her sister, shadow while keeping up the perfect balance of school and athletics.

All four girls have problems and they seem to get bigger as A reveals more and more knowledge about them but the time for things to come out of the shadows is soon approaching.

Perfect defiantly had a lot more drama, tense moments, and blow ups for all four of the girls. I found myself cheering for them as I pondered who A might be. The ending was thrilling and I could not wait too get the fourth book, Unbelievable.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon did not turn out how I expected. I have been wanting an exciting story with a merperson theme to it but Of Poseidon was disappointing.The lovely cover and intriguing name pulled me as I was browsing books in the Nook store so I downloaded a sample and the first chapter was exciting and captivating. Quickly I ordered Of Poseidon from the library and eagerly awaited for it to arrive but soon after I got it I just could not immerse myself in the story, after a few pages I would get bored.

Emma dose not seem well thought out to me and comes off as flat and I had a hard time imagining her as a real person in any way. I really wanted to like her since she seemed to have interesting moments but as I look back she just feels so underdeveloped and believes everything way too quickly.

Galen had the potential to be another great character but he comes off as a little too perfect. I understand he is an ambassador for the Syrena but he just seems too alright with how things are in the human world. I wanted to see far more confusing moments when Galen had no clue what was going on and making mistakes because he is meant to be under the water. 

The writing was not bad but it did not hold my attention. Yet despite this I do want to know what happens overall however I do not feel like I can force myself to read Of Triton at this point, maybe in a few weeks. I am tempted to just look at the spoilers for the story and skip reading it altogether since I was not overly impressed with Of Poseidon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars Series.

While I really like the suspense building, characters, and story lines that Sara Shepard writes I struggle not to get the characters mixed up. I had hoped with the second book I would get more of a handle on which secret goes with which girl but alas that is not the case. I do enjoy reading about the girls with their every day problems and flaws, it makes them feel real.

Spencer seems like the perfect student who gets all As and has everything set up for a college scholarship. Yet the stress of school and her parents expectations are clearly getting to her. Without a doubt I can relate to Spencer the most.

Emily is obviously struggling to come to terms with herself and is terrified that the mysterious A knows more about her then anyone else. Terrified of the truth Emily does much better hiding who she is from everyone including herself. Once again Emily comes off as a totally believable character who is trying to learn to that what she sees as flaws is not flaws.

Hannah has never come to terms with her parents divorce or the fact that her father is spending time with his new wife's daughter and not her. Comparing her body to everyone else is literally making her ill while her world crumbles around her.

Aria lives in fear that her mother will find out she knows what her father is doing and does her best to protect everyone from the truth while trying to fix things on her own. Dealing with the stress of having found out the guy she dated over the summer is now her teacher she struggles to move on with dating boys her own age.

All the girls have serious life problems that plague girls in real life and I love how Sara Shepard is not scared to expose the ugly truth to people. Appearances can be deceiving and all these girls have a lot to learn. At this point I have no clue who the killer is and I do plan on reading Perfect as soon as it is available from the library.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Pretty Little Liars

Last year I read The Lying Game and loved it so I finally checked out Pretty Little Liars from the library. Pretty Little Liars is a bit slower to start then The Lying Game was but none the less it held my attention long enough for me to finish it and check out Flawless from the library.

It has been three years since Alison disappeared and her best friends have moved on with their life after facing the struggled that Alison may never come back. Starting high school the girls eagerly anticipate ruling the school as the cliche group to be in but that dream is soon crushed when the girls start getting notes, texts, and emails reminding them of  their deep dark secrets. Each message is simply signed A and the girls do not know what to think.

It did take a bit for the suspense to build and really get me to the point where I could not put the story down. I do enjoy Sara Shepard's writing style and the way she builds up characters. I do hope to continue with the series and get to each girl along with their secrets. My only issue with the story right now is how self centered each girl is but hopefully they outgrow that as the story progresses.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


I downloaded a sample of Nefertiti awhile ago on my Nook and just now got to it.

They story is told from Nefertiti's younger sisters points of view Mutnodjmet. Hungry for power Nefertiti is beside herself when she is chosen to be the chief wife to the ambitious Pharaoh. Determined to be the only one in the Pharaoh's eyes Nefertiti thinks through each move beautifully all the while winning the love of the people of Egypt. With a strong desire to be needed and remembered Nefertiti feeds the Pharaoh's ideas of a lesser deity becoming the main God of Egypt and joins the venture to move the capitol of Egypt. While the story is told from Mutnodjmet's point of view it still feels like Neferitit's story and I loved every word of it. 

I am happy to learn that Michelle Morgan wrote a sequel to Neferititi and I cannot wait to see if the library has it. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time

I knew I had read a Wrinkle in Time while in gradeschool but I had no memory of the plot and just recalled it scared the daylights out of me. While I was at a movie I saw a preview for the movie and thought I should read the story again.

I am not even really sure how to review the story, it is a strange story and I do not like the ending at all. I understand it is a series but I do not think I will read any more of the books. The writing got a bit tedious for me, lots of use of the characters names and I got sick of reading the words "Charles Wallace" and I did not really understand the villain. Meg also drove me crazy with whining about everything. I am glad I did take the time to read it again though and refresh my memory about the plot.