Saturday, November 4, 2017


I am not sure how Land ended up on my Nook but it was a late night pick when I could not sleep. The overall story was a bit strange and the plot line too convenient for the kids but despite that I enjoyed the story and do plan on reading Sea at some point.

When some Canadian's kids trip to Disneyland goes horribly wrong they are left stranded with no way to communicate with home. Determined to get back to Canada five kids decide to make their way from the happiest place on earth back to home. The trip is not without perils though.

Overall the story felt more like a fluffy light read that was somehow dystopian. The writing was not bad but not always clear at times. I did see improvement as the story continued so I hope that will be reflected in Sea.

Friday, November 3, 2017


I grabbed Pirates! from a clearance shelf at the local book store because I liked the cover and it was cheap. While I did like the story it is hard to say why, the story was nothing like I though it would be. Despite being a good length book I am hard pressed to really describe the story to someone else, it felt like it should have been full of action but it never seemed that way and it was not a love story either.

Nancy's life spiraled out of her control when her father died and she was left in the care of her elder brothers. Determined to keep their business they decide to marry Nancy off to a rich merchant in hopes of saving their late father's business. Having none of that Nancy runs away in the middle of the night with two slaves she has made friends with. Fearing her prospective husband hunting her down Nancy does the only thing she can think of she joins a pirate crew to hide.

I expected a lot of adventure, gruffness from Nancy, and pirate escapades, I got none of that. It felt a lot like I was reading a diary of a young woman and less like the adventure it was presented as. Despite the slow writing I also found I could not stop reading. The writing pulled me in and it was hard to put the book down at times. I would consider reading more work by Celia Rees because I like the writing style immensely.

Hunting Prince Dracula

Hunting Prince Dracula is the second book in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. It is the intriguing cover that drew me to research the series and get it from the library.

Audrey Rose continues to be one of my all time favorite literary characters. Still fascinated with cadavers Audrey travels with Thomas to Romania to compete for a chance to attend a school of forensics medicine. It is not long before a murder takes place right outside the train car Audrey is riding in and soon she finds herself in another tangled web of horrific murders. I really enjoyed seeing the trauma Audrey was suffering from being involved with Jack the Ripper cases, instead of just taking it all in stride Audrey struggled mentally and emotionally to come to terms with what happened. Despite struggling Audrey fought to keep it hidden in order to let her peers see her as an equal and not handicapped by her gender.

A couple times I did get confused at the end but it was a complex ending and I was super tired so that could be why.I cannot wait for the third book and I am already trying to think of which famous murders in history Audrey will begin to investigate. I do hope to see more of the wit between Audrey and Thomas continue, they are hilarious when they get going and I love their easy friendship. I was a bit shocked by some of the things that happened in Hunting Prince Dracula but I do not want to post spoilers so I will refrain from mentioning them.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rebel of the Sands

Rebel of the Sands had been sitting on my bookshelf for a while, I knew nothing about it when I finally picked it up and I highly regret putting it off so long. Once I started I could not stop reading and I was quickly drawn into Amani's desert world. 

Amani is a young girl desperate to escape her dead end desert town where her uncle is ruthless and cruel. Despite the risks Amani masquerades as a male and enters the shooting firing pit hoping to earn enough money to run away. Instead of winning the pot with her well honed gun skills Amani meets a young foreigner who changes her life and becomes her way out of Dustwalk. Embarking on a journey with the mysterious foreigner Amani learns about the world outside of her small town through trials and tribulations. I loved Amani she was so entertaining and felt real, her flaws, character, personality, and choices made her a well rounded developed character. 

Rebel of the Sands is written entirely in first person however I still felt like I got to know the vast array of side characters and enjoy their personality. The writing was quick, delicate, and perfect for the character of the story. I am already on the waiting list for Traitor to the Throne.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stalking Jack the Ripper

Stalking Jack the Ripper drew me in with it's lovely cover and the Halloween feel it gave me reading the description. I loved the story, the writing, and Audrey Rose the main character.

Audrey Rose is everything society does not want her to be, smart, studious, adventurous, and determined to forge her own path in a society dominated by males. Learning from her Uncle Audrey Rose enjoying doing autopsies on cadavers while advancing the art of science. With a father determined to keep her safe and ladylike Audrey Rose learning to sneak around to fulfill her need to learn science, this goes well until someone starts killing women and mutilating them. Shoved into the middle of the chaos of the Ripper killings Audrey Rose must use all her wits to survive.

I could not get enough of the story and I am eagerly hoping the library will receive the next book in the series, this one had a clear ending despite being part of a series. The writing was lovely, witty, and elegant while painting a clear picture of the world Audrey Rose lived in.

The Houdini Spector

The Houdini Sector is the last book in the The Houdini Mysteries series. All the Harry Houdini mysteries seemed to start slow but they drew me and I could not put them down.

Determined to be successful as an escape artist Harry goes about pursuing someone who will hire him to entertain crowds with his daring acts. With the help of his brother Harry gets tangled up in proving that a seance is a fake. All goes well until one of the guests at the seance ends up dead. Confused and befuddled the two brothers work to figure out how and who committed the murder.

I will miss the Harry Houdini stories they were fun and I enjoyed Daniel Stashower's style of writing. While it seems no more Harry Houdini mysteries will happen I do plan on reading some other work by Daniel Stashower.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

City of Fallen Angels

Since I felt like City of Glass ended the Mortal Instruments series I never bothered to pick up City of Fallen Angels until I started watching Shadow Hunters on Freeform.

I love the angle that was taken with Simon and how things started out with his problems, it felt like he got a bit under-shadowed in the previous books but had a chance to shine in City of Fallen Angels. I did sort of miss the Valentine influence since he had played such a massive role in the previous books however I never wanted to put the book down when my lunch break was over.

I don't have the fifth book but I do plan on ordering it from the library.