Friday, April 6, 2018


Killer is the sixth book in the Pretty Little Liar's series.I had to take a break while reading Killer since I was working so much therefore I do not recall the first half of the story too clearly.

Having lost their credit when reporting that Ian was dead in the woods the Rosewood girls struggle to get their derailing life back on track with little luck.

Aria is terrified of her mother's new boyfriend who always seems to be around and has grabby hands. Not wanting to become enemies with her mother again Aria does her best to ignore the treatment but finally goes to the extreme and moves in with her father and his live in girlfriend.

Hannah is stuck dealing with her step-mother and step-sister living with her. Despite her best efforts to not be stressed and binge out on food she is terrified that her step-sister will share her deep dark secret with the school. To make matter worse her father is insisting she spend time with her step-sister and expects them to become best friends.

Spencer is living with a dark fear that she is adopted and with her parents acting worse and worse towards her she decides to take the matter of her heritage into her own hands. Feeling lost and alone Spencer struggles to understand how her life spiraled out of control and make amends with her parents.

Emily is struggling desperately to understand herself, ever since her relationship with Maya spiraled out of control she has fought to figure out what gender she likes. Confused if she is not sure if she likes both genders. Terrified to tell her family that has just accepted her being lesbian she keeps quiet and decides not to share any information about her love life with them.

The thing I liked the most was the end, something I had thought for a long time was confirmed. The girls think they have things figured out but since I am not even half way through the series I am not counting on them having found out the truth. I cannot wait to start Heartless.

Conqueror's Kiss

Conqueror's Kiss is a stand alone story.

Jennet was an interesting character, I liked how she did not play the damsel in distress and followed her code of rules. Having grown up in an era of war she is outspoken, not afraid to take up arms, or interested in having some man for protection. While leaving peacefully in a nunnery she is claimed as plunder by a brute of a scot who has a soft spot for not killing women.

Hacon walks a careful line, ever eager to prove his worth and loyalty to the king by the use of his sword he does not kill innocents. Upon seeing a delicate looking woman in a nunnery he is eager to save her from a fate worse then death if someone else finds her so he claims her as plunder and is bewildered when Jennet is not thankful.

The story had some funny parts, a good deal of action, some suspense, and a dash of romance. At times it did seem to drag but all in it was a fun read with all the ends neatly tied up.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Wicked is the fifth book in the Pretty Little Liars series. I really hesitated to try out Wicked since Unbelievable summed up the series in a way. After all "A" had been caught and the mystery solved so I was worried it would be just beating the story line to death while adding in all the same twists as the first part of the series. Thankfully I was wrong and Wicked surprised and delighted me.

The Rosewood girls think they are home free, A has been stopped, Ali's killer is behind bars, and all of them can get their lives back in control or can they. The police call the new "A" a copycat but this new person knows a lot of things about all of them things they have not uttered to anyone else. Scared sick, unsure what to do, and being ignored by the police the girls again learn to rely on themselves as they work at unraveling the mystery of who wants to ruin their lives, who killed Ali, and why.

Despite the major breakthroughs in Unbelievable Wicked does a wonderful job of continuing the series and pulling the reader right back in. The more I read the closer I feel to all the girls, each one of them is struggling with some real life problem that makes them relatable. I cannot wait to continue to see each of their stories continue to unfold.

Take the Monkeys and Run

Somehow Take the Monkeys and Run ended up on my Nook so I gave it a try.

Barbara is a typical mom overwhelmed by keeping up with her children and keeping a tidy house she is in shock when her husband suddenly declares he must move out and needs space. Devastated by the unexpected behavior Barbara does not have much time to dwell in self pity when midnight prowlers show up at the abandoned house next door. Things get more confusing the next day when monkeys appear in the trees behind her house, from that moment on everything goes out of control for Barbara.

I almost did not try Take the Monkeys and Run since my Nook was saying it was 900 pages and that seemed way too long for the type of story but thankfully I overlooked that (it was a glitch anyways). I really liked Barb, she is relate-able in a lot of ways and seems like a normal down to earth person. I do hope to read more Barbara Marr mysteries I just need to work on finishing up some other books I have been reading first.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Unbelievable was quite the ride. I was so excited to see Unbelievable in the e-library and available. I quickly downloaded the story and dove right in.

With Emily's secret out and her transformation through a reform program a total failure her parents have shipped her to Iowa to be with conservative family. Horrified at the strict rules Emily just wants out. However one small comfort is A no longer has control over her every movement.

Aria just could not keep her hands off her teacher and due to a little secret A told he is now behind bars. Homeless and alone once again Aria tries to keep it all together while attempting to ignore further problems A is causing.

Continuing her therapy sessions Spencer is terrified she is not recalling the night Ali disappeared correctly and is involved in her death somehow. Horrified at the thought of having killed her best friend she desperately tries to remember clearly what happened that night.

Hanna is the worst off, having figure out who A is from a slip up on a text she is now in the hospital fighting for her life after being ran over by A. Struggling to wake up from her coma her friends desperately hope she will be alright and reveal who A is.

Unbelievable was one fast read, I could not wait to find out if Hanna remembered who A was. I have had a theory all along on how A got the information (hooray I was right) and I had some people in mind as well on who could be doing the stalking. My only thought is the story seemed pretty well tied up at the end so I am not sure how it will continue, I do have Wicked downloaded but I have not started reading it yet. I am hoping it will present a new intrigue that grabs my attention.


Perfect is the third book in the Pretty Little Liar's series.

The Rosewood girls just cannot seem to catch a break from the mysterious A and every moment I read was full of twists and turns for each girl.

Aria's life is going downhill fast with no where to turn to she relies on her new boyfriend for help while secretly wishing her old boyfriend was anyone but her teacher.

Emily still cannot come to terms with her sexuality and is a worried mess that her parents will disown her if they find out.

Hanna is a mess, having to deal with her parents messy divorce and being jealous of her soon to be step sister just makes her life more complicated. Add in she is losing her support group when her best friend suddenly losses interest in her Hanna has no idea where to go to see a friendly face.

Spencer continues to struggle with clawing her way out of Melissa's, her sister, shadow while keeping up the perfect balance of school and athletics.

All four girls have problems and they seem to get bigger as A reveals more and more knowledge about them but the time for things to come out of the shadows is soon approaching.

Perfect defiantly had a lot more drama, tense moments, and blow ups for all four of the girls. I found myself cheering for them as I pondered who A might be. The ending was thrilling and I could not wait too get the fourth book, Unbelievable.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon did not turn out how I expected. I have been wanting an exciting story with a merperson theme to it but Of Poseidon was disappointing.The lovely cover and intriguing name pulled me as I was browsing books in the Nook store so I downloaded a sample and the first chapter was exciting and captivating. Quickly I ordered Of Poseidon from the library and eagerly awaited for it to arrive but soon after I got it I just could not immerse myself in the story, after a few pages I would get bored.

Emma dose not seem well thought out to me and comes off as flat and I had a hard time imagining her as a real person in any way. I really wanted to like her since she seemed to have interesting moments but as I look back she just feels so underdeveloped and believes everything way too quickly.

Galen had the potential to be another great character but he comes off as a little too perfect. I understand he is an ambassador for the Syrena but he just seems too alright with how things are in the human world. I wanted to see far more confusing moments when Galen had no clue what was going on and making mistakes because he is meant to be under the water. 

The writing was not bad but it did not hold my attention. Yet despite this I do want to know what happens overall however I do not feel like I can force myself to read Of Triton at this point, maybe in a few weeks. I am tempted to just look at the spoilers for the story and skip reading it altogether since I was not overly impressed with Of Poseidon.