Monday, September 4, 2017

The Fate of Ten

The Fate of Ten is the sixth book in the I am Number Four series and it took me awhile to read. I was pretty bored with it in parts.

Ella is still fighting to get away from the Mogs and learning to embrace her telepathy. Struggling to hold on to her humanity as she works at escaping Ella is given a special gift that allows her to learn the real story between the Guarde and Mogs.

Determined to save humanity John works tirelessly with the other Guarde to fight against the Mogs. Overwhelmed by the odds they fear all is lost when a sacred Lorite temple is revealed. Splitting up half the group goes to Mexico to investigate this temple and the other half race to New York where the Mogs intend to attack.

The writing still throws me at times and I do have to think which character is talking at the start of new chapters. Since they are all told from first person point of view it can take me awhile to figure it out. Since I am almost done with the series I do intend to finish it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Revenge of Seven

The Revenge of Seven is the fifth book in I am Number Four series. So far this has been my least favorite book of the series.

Marina is full of desire to take revenge on Five who betrayed the Guarde resulting in the death of one of them. Full of anger Marina forms a new legacy the ability to use moisture to make ice and she intends to use this deadly legacy to hunt down Five.

John is struggling to know what to do and forcing himself to the trust Adam, the Mog that was experiment on with a dead guardes body. Unsure on what to do John ignores the advice of the other guarde and agrees to bring Adam into the circle.

Still separated the Guarde all work at fulfilling different tasks. I still struggle with figuring out whose point of view is happening quickly, this has never happened to me with any other book series so it is bothering me a lot. Other then that I just found this book filler until the last couple of chapters and unlike the other books in the series this one just flat out stopped. No smooth ending it just was wham I am done. I am too invested in the series to stop with it so I will continue on with The Fate of Ten.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The General's Notorious Widow

I cannot recall where I got The General's Notorious Widow but it was not what I imagined at all.

I loved the opening of the story, a middle aged woman enjoying a meal who is suddenly harassed by a writer wanting to share her story with the world. Not about to be written about Lixie tells the writer where to go every way possible including unladylike ways. I waited the whole story for things to go back that way but they never did. I also was not sure what the story was really about it seemed to have a really weak plot line overall. 

The writing at the start was hilarious and smoothly perfect. I did want it to go back to that and while I never struggled with the writing style I craved more flair.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Fall of Five

The Fall of Five is the fourth book in the I am Number Four series.

The trend of telling from multiple points of view continues with new points of view added in, sadly like the previous books I did struggle at times to figure out whose point of view it was at times. Having gathered together the Garde is only missing Number Five and soon they have a sign from Five. Determined to unite Four thinks of a plan to find Five and hopefully unite them as a team.

For some reason the story felt a bit underwhelming at times for me. I do wish that things were still just told from one point of view. Overall I just prefer a book series stay consistent with points of view and I am Number Four was told entirely from Four's point of view. Despite struggling at times to figure out whose point of view is happening I do have The Revenge of Seven downloaded on my Nook and I cannot wait to start it.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War

I had hoped Tides of War would be told mainly from Jaina's point of view but only about a third of the story was.

Always a strong advocate for peace Jaina tries to maintain a balance between the Alliance and the Horde as she struggles to make both sides embrace peace. This has always been an easy task for Jaina since she is full of love and hope however that all changes when the Horde brings war to the steps of Theramore. Determined to keep all that she loves safe and lead her people to victory Jaina prepares for war.

My main disappointment was having so many different character's point of views occurring throughout the story. I wanted more from Jaina's point of view. The story did flow well and the writing was crisp and smooth. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine is the third book in the I Am Number Four series. Once again I was caught off guard since the story was not told from Nine's point of view.

Having lost his best friend in the Mog fortress and becoming wounded from an aerial poison Four is struggling on what road to take. Overjoyed at having freed Nine the two boys debate about the best path to take and end up disagreeing throughout the whole story. Their bickering did get tiresome, girls are a bit catty so I can them bickering easier then two teenage boys.

Six having gone in search of seven is delighted upon discovering not only seven but ten as well. Safely reunited the three guarde go in search of number eight who is rumored to be in India. Chased by the Mogs the girls have to quickly hurry as they race the clock trying to reunite all the members of the guarde for the battle against the Mogs.

Almost every chapter was a cliff hanger and I hated that. I would just get into the part about one of the groups and it would switch to the other group. Drove my crazy. Since more people are being introduce more points of view are appearing and I do still wish for a little part at the start of each chapter saying whose point of view it is. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


H2O came up on my Nook as a match for a book I may like.

Ruby is hanging out with her friends at a party one day when the parents come home and quickly usher everyone inside. The rain is coming and it is deadly. Confused and lost Ruby goes home and is quickly quarantined into the living room by her step-father. Scared and unsure of what is going on Ruby struggles to accept that her world has changed.

I was not a fan of H2O at all. I struggled with all that happened. Ruby kissed an infected boy and even got the mark on her face but did not die from it nor did it spread. This part drove me crazy. Makes no sense and does not fit with the story at all. I also did not like Ruby's attitude towards everything and she showed almost no emotion. All in all she just felt flat and underdeveloped. I will not be continuing the series.