Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine is the third book in the I Am Number Four series. Once again I was caught off guard since the story was not told from Nine's point of view.

Having lost his best friend in the Mog fortress and becoming wounded from an aerial poison Four is struggling on what road to take. Overjoyed at having freed Nine the two boys debate about the best path to take and end up disagreeing throughout the whole story. Their bickering did get tiresome, girls are a bit catty so I can them bickering easier then two teenage boys.

Six having gone in search of seven is delighted upon discovering not only seven but ten as well. Safely reunited the three guarde go in search of number eight who is rumored to be in India. Chased by the Mogs the girls have to quickly hurry as they race the clock trying to reunite all the members of the guarde for the battle against the Mogs.

Almost every chapter was a cliff hanger and I hated that. I would just get into the part about one of the groups and it would switch to the other group. Drove my crazy. Since more people are being introduce more points of view are appearing and I do still wish for a little part at the start of each chapter saying whose point of view it is. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


H2O came up on my Nook as a match for a book I may like.

Ruby is hanging out with her friends at a party one day when the parents come home and quickly usher everyone inside. The rain is coming and it is deadly. Confused and lost Ruby goes home and is quickly quarantined into the living room by her step-father. Scared and unsure of what is going on Ruby struggles to accept that her world has changed.

I was not a fan of H2O at all. I struggled with all that happened. Ruby kissed an infected boy and even got the mark on her face but did not die from it nor did it spread. This part drove me crazy. Makes no sense and does not fit with the story at all. I also did not like Ruby's attitude towards everything and she showed almost no emotion. All in all she just felt flat and underdeveloped. I will not be continuing the series.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Power of Six

The Power of Six  is the second book in the Lorian Legacies. Sadly I was disappointed in the story. 

Since the title was The Power of Six I assumed it would be about Six but it was not. Also it flip flopped between Four's and Seven's point of view. I do not really enjoy it when a series switches from being all from one person's point of view to multiple points of view. I do wish that Pittacus Lore had put with the chapter number for the person's point of view it was.

The story line felt a little less thought out and did flow as smoothly. Things were choppy and transitions between characters felt a bit rushed and out of place. I do want to continue on with the series I just hope The Rise of Nine has a better flow to it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Six's Legacy

Six's Legacy is the first in the novella series and I was pleasantly surprised once again. It was briefly mentioned in I am Number Four that Six's Cepan was killed and Six's Legacy tells the story of how it happened. Despite being a novella a lot of information was packed into the story and I read it in one night easily. I do plan on continuing the novella stories but I want to time them right so I wont get spoilers.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Harry Houdini Mysteries: The Floating Lady Murder

The Floating Lady Murder is the second book in the Harry Houdini Mysteries.

Struggling to pay the bills Dash and his eccentric brother Harry answer an advertisement for work from the newspaper for a magician. Not just any magician though the famous Kellar magician who has apparently perfected the floating lady trick. With a bit of help from a hungry lion Dash and Harry are quickly hired by Mr. Kellar and they learn that the trick needs a bit more work. After some kinks are taken care of the trick is ready to perform only it goes horribly wrong when the young lady falls to her death or so it would seem.

It took a long time for the murder to actually happen and I kept waiting for but I did like The Floating Lady Murder far more then The Dime Street Murder. I will get around to reading the next book in the series eventually.

I Am Number Four

I cannot recall how I got a sample of I Am Number Four downloaded on my Nook but I am glad I did. I spent far too many nights saying to myself just one more page.

John Smith is living a lie, everything from his name to his existence. Having fled his home planet during an invasion from another alien species John and eight others are the sole hope of his race. However three of those nine are now dead and John is next on the list. Hoping for a new start in Paradise Ohio John goes to school and works at blending in. He ever makes friends with a boy in his class who is into aliens and works on confessing his crush to the cutest girl in school. For the most part everything is normal for John except for the worry that he will have to fleet at any moment to avoid his pursuers.

What wonderful writing, vivid storytelling, and imaginative aliens. I was in shock realizing I had read hundreds of pages, nothing felt like filler. Feels like I blinked and the story was over. I already have The Power of Six downloaded on my Nook and I cannot wait to start it tonight.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scarelt Nights

Scarlet Nights was a random grab off my to read shelf as I rushed to work one morning. I do not recall where I got it.

Mike is a detective and does all sorts of dangerous missions, when his boss tells him he is going to investigate a notorious fugitive in his hometown he is less then eager. Having left the town many years ago Mike has no desire to return but he is determined to keep his sister safe and his sister's friend Sara.

Sara is happily planning her wedding and eagerly awaiting the return his fiance when her best friend's brother shows up in her room one night. Someone Mike manages to wiggle his way into Sara's life and their friendship quickly grows.

I liked the mystery of what was going on but some of the romance parts were a bit corny. I was happy that despite the length of the book the plot was not driven by intimate scenes but actual mystery and plot.


My first thought of Caraval was that is was going to be like The Night Circus but while I was mistaken I was not disappointed. Without a doubt Caraval is the best book I have read this year.

Scarlett fears her controlling father and worries about her younger sister facing his wrath when she angers her father. Determined to do something to protect her sister and herself Scar agrees to an arranged marriage to escape her father. Determined to make one last attempt to correspond with the legendary leader of Caraval, Legend, Scar writes to him explaining she is to be married. After years of no answers from Legend Scar is shocked when Legend writes back including three tickets to Caraval. Unsure what to do Scar's fate is sealed when her younger sister arranges for her to be taken and she arrives at the game.

I loved Scar, she was a well rounded character with flaws, hopes, fears, and it was clear that the trials of the game changed her. While Caraval is a series Scar's story to me felt complete and I was not really left with questions. I do wonder if the next story will have Scar as a side character or have her taking center stage once again.