Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scarelt Nights

Scarlet Nights was a random grab off my to read shelf as I rushed to work one morning. I do not recall where I got it.

Mike is a detective and does all sorts of dangerous missions, when his boss tells him he is going to investigate a notorious fugitive in his hometown he is less then eager. Having left the town many years ago Mike has no desire to return but he is determined to keep his sister safe and his sister's friend Sara.

Sara is happily planning her wedding and eagerly awaiting the return his fiance when her best friend's brother shows up in her room one night. Someone Mike manages to wiggle his way into Sara's life and their friendship quickly grows.

I liked the mystery of what was going on but some of the romance parts were a bit corny. I was happy that despite the length of the book the plot was not driven by intimate scenes but actual mystery and plot.

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