Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Taming the Forest King

Taming the Forest King was nothing I expected it to be at all. Magic, mythical creatures, and battles was what I imagined.

Tevra is the Colonel of the light Calvary and earned her rank through her skills and sheer determination. Sent by the king to an outer forest province Tevra is horrified to see the Governor living like a royal while the common people starve. Taking matters into her own hands Tevra quickly seizes control and learns the way of the forest people.

Taming the Forest King was different but it is hard to say how it was different. I really liked Tevra, she had flaws but none of them were annoying. She was just blind to a lot of things that did not involve warfare. Even though I read and enjoyed the story I am hard a bit hard pressed to say what the story was actually about. Despite that I never felt like I was reading filler. It was a fun read and I would consider reading other works by Claudia J. Edwards.

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