Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is the fourth book in The Lying Game Series.

Emma continues to search for her sister's killer while living her life. Having thought she cleared Sutton's little sister Laurel she Emma is distraught to learn that Laurel's alibi for the night is a lie. Did her little sister kill her after all? To add to her stress Emma has to deal with Sutton's parents who are acting extremely odd. Perhaps the killer is closer then Emma though.

It feels like each book is having less and less tension. In the first couple books the killer kept leaving cryptic messages for Emma to just play along. Yet in the Hide and Seek that creep vibe did not really appear. Maybe I am just getting used to the style of writing so it is not as impact. Despite this I have Cross My Heart and Hope to Die downloaded on my Nook waiting to be read.

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