Saturday, March 25, 2017

True Lies

True Lies is a novella in The Lying Game series.

One of my major complaints about novellas is they just do not feel like a complete story more like a chapter about a character that should have been included in the main story. This is not the case with True Lies. Since Sutton is dead during the time line of The Lying Game novels it is nice to see things from her point of view in the novellas. Not only that but they feel like a complete and total story.

Desperate to maintain her idea of control Sutton balks at letting her little sister Laurel into the lying game. Charlotte and Madeline have other ideas though and quickly amend the lying rule games so the two sisters have to face off to see if Laurel is going to be allowed into the exclusive club. Several different sides of Sutton were displayed along with how insecure Sutton felt all the time, in such a short few chapters my view and opinion of Sutton changed drastically.

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