Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Deception is the second book in the Defiance trilogy. Having been on the waiting list for Deception for around a year I was beyond excited to finally have Deception arrive from the library.

Rachel was very different in Deception so different she came off as kind of a different character which annoyed me a good deal. Instead of being a strong confident person Rachel has fallen apart and all her determination in Defiance comes off as having been an act.

Logan is different as well but his transformation is a bit more believable. Tasked with leading the survivors from the cursed ones attack into the Wasteland Logan has to grow up and step up. Overwhelmed by the stress Logan clearly struggles with the issues of leading.

Sadly I must say that Deception for me suffered from second book syndrome. The plot line was predictable, Rachel's character development was wacky, and it felt too long winded in parts. Despite all the issues I had with Deception I do want to read Deliverance.

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