Monday, May 2, 2016


Cured is the squeal to Stung and shows the story from a new person's point of view.

Jacqui lives as Jack, terrified of being found out she is a girl among a world where women are sold she cuts her hair off, wears a tackle vest at all times, and learns to act like a boy. Until one day Jack decides she is going to find her brother Dean who left over a year ago to help a friend. I did not find Jack a really believable character nor did I like how everything always seemed to work out. No sacrifices were ever made by anyone it seems things just fell into place.

The writing was a bit annoying compared to Stung. Jack was not really developed nor did she grow in any way. While the main characters from Stung were around they just seemed and afterthought which I did not care for either. My biggest problem the book just stopped. Did not feel like it ended. Came across as Bethany Wiggings just stopped writing. I am not sure if another book is coming out or not but I don't see how the story could really continue despite Cured needed more sentences or something to finish it.

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