Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Last Ever After

Normally I am able to find something good about a book I dislike but I am not sure I really can with The Last Ever After.

Sophie and Agatha's story continues as good struggles to survives in a world where evil has taken over. Thinking she finally found her happily ever after Sophie is confused when things are not what she expects back at home with her mother and prince. Realizing she can never be happy as long as Agatha's fate is unknown Sophie ventures back to the school to make sure her friend is happy.

Agatha cannot forgive Sohpie for choosing Tedros over her instead of being happy her best friend found her true love Agatha lets it eat away at her. Still at the school Agatha is prisoner to the evil school master who claims he is in love with her. Desperate to be loved by anyone Agatha works at loving the school master and getting a happily ever after.

The story itself was not so bad. It was way too long like four hundred pages too long. The writing is what kills me off. Just like with the previous book I had to constantly re-read parts to figure things out. It was confusing on which girl was talking or doing things at times. I have seen authors struggle with this before when points of views are combined in the same chapter. I am just thankful to be done with The School for Good and Evil series so I can move on to something I enjoy more.

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