Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Love in a Nutshell - Culhane Family #1

Love in a Nutshell is a fun, quick, read with a bit of a mystery to it. Like almost all of Janet Evanovich's books the main character reminds me of Stephie Plum at times but I will not hold that against the story.

Kate Appleton was one heck of a character, with her do not quit attitude and quirks she was just plain fun to read about. One thing after another hit Kate yet she never gave up nor did she do it with tears in her eyes instead she laughed her way through life which was refreshing.

Matt Culhane was like a lot of other men I read about in romance stories. Not serious about a woman in his life yet feeling like things are lacking for him Matt is not sure what to think when Kate suddenly shows up in his life demanding a job.

While I saw a few typos it did not take away from the story. The writing was easy to read and fast paced. Even though I had fun reading Love in a Nutshell I do not think I will continue with the series since The Husband List is set in a different town and time period.

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