Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crossed - Matched #2

With the ending of Matched I expected Crossed to go a different route. I was surprised to suddenly see Ky having a point of view since Matched only had Cassia's point of view.

Cassia still remains cautious in Crossed and shows no signs of wanting to outright defy The Society, instead Cassia goes about trying to find Ky in any Society accepted way she can. While this is an infraction in itself it is not as serious if she just took off.

Ky still gave me issues at times. The Society sent him off to die and yet he did not seem to care too much. It seemed like Ky's feelings for Cassia was the only thing that kept him fighting on to live. Being able to see things from Ky's point of view did change the pacing of the story and I felt like it messed up the flow at times suddenly switching to a different point of view.

Since everyone was split up for a good chunk of Crossed a lot of time was spent trying to find everyone so it came off as filler in parts. Despite that a few chunks of something interesting was dropped that got my attention enough that I want to read Reached.

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