Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The DaVinci Code - Robert Langdon #2

The DaVinci Code is my first Dan Brown book and I was pleasantly surprised. While I have heard many good things about Dan Brown's writing the size of his books have always stopped me from reading them so I am glad I finally took the time to try one out.

Robert came off as a bit unbelievable to me at times. Intensely smart I figured he would be a bit stuck up and snobby at times but that never came across to me at all. Ignoring that fact I liked everything else about Robert. Thrown into a murder through his name being at the crime scene Robert had no choice but to go along at first however when the chance for freedom arose Robert did not take it and continue to help solve the mystery.

Sophie came off a bit unbelievable as well, it was her Grandfather that was killed yet she did not really seem to mourn him. Perhaps due to them being estranged helped reduce the trauma but I would have liked to see her show a bit more emotion over losing her Grandfather. Determined and clever it was interesting to watch Sophie as she was put under stress in the Holy Grail race.

The pacing of The DaVinici Code was remarkable, it only takes place over a very short time period yet despite the size of the book never once does the story drag or slow down to get boring. Without a doubt Mr. Brown is one of the best writers I have seen at adding a lot of details without making it boring or dragging on in any way.

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