Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shadow and Bone - The Grisha #1

Honestly I am not really sure what I thought of Shadow and Bone. In some ways I am not sure I enjoyed it and in other ways I was stunned on how much I read. It felt like I blinked and the story was over which is a rare occurrence in books for me.

Alina is a hard character to figure out, while I liked her at times I also did not like her. Aline relies upon others, especially men, way too much for my tastes. Hopefully during the series Alina will come into her own.

Mal was another character that did not really hold my attention, at times Mal seemed like an afterthought and less developed then I like seeing in characters.

The Darkling is my favorite character. Having lived so long The Darkling has many layers to him and just when I thought I had got a grasp on who The Darkling is he did something that surprised me and I love that in a character.

The writing was smooth and elegant, it flowed along at an amazing pace. Just for the writing style I want to read Siege and Storm.

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