Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Matched - Match #1

What first drew me towards Matched was the interesting cover. While I have read books with a similar outline I decided to give Matched a try anyways.

Cassia was different from other characters I have previously read about in a dystopian setting. While it was clear she was smart she was also careful and not daring in the way I have seen other characters be daring. Society rules Cassia's world and it is scary to go against something powerful, Mrs. Condie did a stunning job of showing how Cassia was afraid of breaking the rules but not making Cassia a coward in any way. 

Xander intrigued me from the start and I immediately wanted to know more about him. Sadly Xander is not mentioned much in Matched beyond the first few pages and I was left wondering Xander's story.

Ky was not what I thought he would be at all. Doomed to his fate of never having society accept him Ky just blends in as best as he can and does not strive for more. While he claimed to be bitter over the way Society treated him I did not see that much from him. 

My biggest issue with Matched was things not being explained properly. People were classified into three categories and two of the categories were never explained properly. I wanted to know the difference and how one got put into a category besides citizen.

The writing was average and nothing special but the story did draw me in enough that I wanted to know more so I never had the urge to put it down and walk away from it.

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