Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fury of the Seventh Son

I have held off on my review of the Fury of the Seventh Son because I have been super busy and I was hoping my anger would calm so I could find something decent about the ending to what I once considered a great series. Unfortunately it did not work.

With The Spook's health rapidly failing Tom knows he has to step up and lead the fight against the dark. While having no problem with the task Tom knows that he is close to becoming a full fledged Spook and will have to take his Master's place soon but before that can happen the Fiend must be dealt with. Still doing their best to keep the head of the Fiend from the body Tom knows that time is running out and also knows that he cannot sacrifice the love of his life Alice. With few choices Tom works on rallying his allies to help in the final battle between himself and the Fiend.

Alice was barely in Fury of the Seventh Son and I HATED that she went totally malevolent. Even worse Alice left Tom for someone else and she was clearly in love with him. The story felt all wrong and like it was barely thought through on that aspect. It was not natural and had a lame explanation.

The writing was well done but the story itself had a horrible ending. I left too many questions, had weak reasoning for things, and horrible character development with Tom. All along Tom had walked the line between good and evil then suddenly at the end he gives that all up and just throws himself into the light. It just did not fit well at all. My expectations were seriously crushed and I hated the ending so much it ended up ruining the whole series for me. I am considering the companion series by Joseph Delaney but when I read that it can be read standalone from The Seventh Son series that turned me off. Something great was started with The Seventh Son series but it crashed hard in the end and it is frustrating I invested so much time in the series.

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