Monday, October 19, 2015

Library of Souls

I totally wanted to love Library of Souls but at times I had to force myself to keep reading. I think that was due to not having done a refresher read of the first two books before starting Library of Souls.

Jacob continues to learn about the world of Peculiar people and the darkness that resides in it. Struggling to deal with the chaos around him while learning to control and embrace his peculiar powers Jacob does his best to work at saving his friends. A few times I had a hard time believing that Jacob was just a sixteen year old boy who learned he was Peculiar a short time ago, he took everything in stride and nothing seemed to cause Jacob to take a moment to process things. While matters did seem to hit Jacob harder towards the end of Library of Souls I still did not find it overly believable.

While none of Library of Souls is told from Emma's point of view I still felt like I got to know her as a strong main character. Emma's relationship with Jacob seemed a bit out of place though and almost an afterthought. The romance was not a focal point by far and I was not overly fond of the romantic relationship.

My favorite character by far was Sharon the mysterious boatman. I wanted to know about Sharon, his kind, and the abilities they possessed.

I did not notice grammar mistakes and the writing was smooth yet at times the story seemed to drag. While Library of Souls is a hefty book I felt like it contained a lot of pointless filler and the actual story was only a small portion.

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