Thursday, October 15, 2015


I have been wanting to read more books in the steampunk genre so upon a recommendation I gave Leviathan a try. I had a super hard time getting into it and it was not until around the seventy percent mark that I started to enjoy the story.

Alek was an interesting character with plenty of flaws and I liked that about him. Scared and confused as to what is going on in his life Alek has to trust his fate to a handful of loyal men doing all they can to keep him safe. While a prince Alek was also shoved aside due to his mother being common and supposedly lost all rights to a title until the war broke out. A key pawn in the game of politics Alek just wants to keep his head down and out of trouble. Unfortunately for Alek this is not an easy task.

Deryn bothered me a lot and I did not care for her lazy attitude about just fitting in the boys. Hiding her identity as a girl came off funky at times and I had a hard time believing that no one noticed a girl was among them. Plus I did not care for how Deryn treated other people around her, she came off as a bit snobbish at times in my opinion.

The writing was alright but it was not page turning for me until near the end. I am not sure I liked Leviathan enough to continue on with the series. I would however like to try something else from the steampunk genre in the future.

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