Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alpha Divided

Alpha Divided continues Tessa's story as she adjusts to being a powerful werewolf and a Bruja.

Tessa continues to grow as she learns about harnessing all three sides of who she is, human, wolf, and witch. Sadly for Tessa life can never be simple and when the local coven declares war on Tessa's pack she has no choice but to go with the coven to learn their ways. Hating being away from Dastien Tessa struggles to learn magic and control her inner wolf. Despite Tessa's struggles not everything is bad, having been confined to the coven land Tessa is finally able to get to know her cousins. Learning the ways of the coven Tessa struggles to find a way to keep everyone she loves safe and stop the coven from going to war.

Since Tessa was moving around a lot during Alpha Divided Dastien did not show up much. Claudia, Tessa's cousin, was in the story and I loved seeing how the two girls started to form a friendship. The small hint of who Claudia is was a nice introduction for the next book in the series where Claudia becomes the main character.

Once again the writing was smooth and fun. I feel like I just sat down with the story and next thing I know I am turning the last page. I look forward to continuing to learn more about Tessa and the other fun characters in the Alpha Girl series.

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