Saturday, October 24, 2015


At first I was reluctant to read Bruja since Tessa was not the main character. I am thankful I gave Bruja a try.

From the previous books Claudia has been mentioned before but never really had much about who she is revealed and I figured she would be a like Tessa. I was wrong, having been sheltered in the coven all her life Claudia has a thirst for knowledge and freedom. With her twin brother on the verge of death Claudia leaves her comfort zone quickly and heads to Peru to get help for Daniel. Lacking knowledge and social skills due to a sheltered life Claudia is constantly doubting herself but continues to try as hard as she can. I adore that about her and was cheering for her throughout all of Bruja

I really enjoy Aileen Erin's writing style and usually read books by Aileen Erin in one sitting, Bruja was not exception. I look forward to reading Alpha Unleashed.

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