Saturday, November 1, 2014

Black Ice

I was super excited to read Black Ice and I turned out severely disappointed. In my opinion a good thriller leaves me on the edge of the seat genuinely fearing what will happen to the characters. I never felt this for any of the characters in Black Ice.

Britt has the potential to be an awesome character but she never lived up to it in my opinion. She always seemed to take the easy way out and while she was better then Korbie who drove me insanely crazy any time she spoke. Shaun and Mason did not cut it as characters for me either. They just did not seem believable.

The love story aspects bothered me as well. It was not believable and seemed to be forced in for some reason.

The plot was a nightmare in my opinion. I like surprises in thrillers I read and this one had none for me. I had everything figured out not too far into the book. I hoped I was wrong at times just so the book would get more exciting but I was not.

Despite my complaints Black Ice does have a redeeming quality for me. I love the writing style. Fitzpatrick has a distinct style that I enjoy reading.

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