Sunday, November 9, 2014

Full House - Full #1

Full House was not really what I am used to getting from Janet Evanovich. I have read several of her books and liked all of them. While I did not dislike Full House it is just different from other books she has written.

Billie came off as a totally normal mom with two kids dealing with a divorce while trying to keep a sense of normality for her children. She was very stubborn, independent, and all about the rules. Well until she meet Nick that is.

Nick did not strike me as the typical rich kid who could have anything he wanted growing up. Instead he seemed to rebel against his parents and do basic things for himself like cooking. I did find it odd how quickly he became attached to Billie though. Maybe it was her no nonsense attitude that had him falling for her.

Deedee was a very different sort of character and I liked the parts with the light humor she added to the story. Her younger brother Max was far more interesting. A genius who was ignored by his parents and had no clue how to deal with being so smart.

All in all I liked the book well enough to read more of the series.

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