Saturday, November 8, 2014

Son - The Giver Quartlet #4

I liked and disliked parts of Son. The first and third book were my favorite parts and while I understood the need for the second book I was not overly fond of it. In a way I sort of related it to Plato's The Cave, which was not one of my favorite reads.

The first part of Son has Claire living in The Community and is basically a retelling of the Giver from a different point of view which I adored. It was nice to get some questions answered about Birthmothers and how that process worked.

Claire was an amazing character, I loved how she just started stumbling into her own realizations. Jonas had the Giver to help him and Claire in a sense had no one. While she did learn about her son Gabe she still could not depend on him for advice since he was a toddler. The other part I enjoyed immensely was seeing the Community's reaction to Jonas leaving. I had imagined what had happened several times to the Community once Jonas left so it was nice to have some of those gaps filled in.

Once Claire left the Community that is where thinks started to go downhill for me a bit. I just did not overly enjoy reading about the time she spent in the fishing village. Maybe if it had been shorter I would have enjoyed it more.

The third book is where things really picked up for me. I loved the story moving to Gabe and Jonas. Things started with Jonas only fitting they end with Jonas. Plus I always adored Gabe so it was nice to what kind of young man he grew into.

Like all of Lowry's books the writing was lovely and elegant. I really enjoy the style of writing and the well done editing.

I do not want to ruin anything for anyone but the Trademaster was awesome and I love the arc that played out with him.

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