Thursday, November 27, 2014

Austenland - Austenland #1

Having seen the movie I decided I wanted to give Austenland a try. Thankfully I was not disappointed and am still able to enjoy the movie.

Jane was one heck of a character and I highly enjoyed the struggle displayed by her as she grew throughout the story. Obsessed with the BBC Pride and Prejudice she feels she lets it rule her life to the point she hides the DVD behind a house plant. This does nothing to fix her problem though and she just continue to compare previous men in her life to Mr. Darcey. This causes her no end of trouble until she is able go to Austenland and live out her dream of socializing with regency period gentlemen.

Mr. Nobley was certainly a different kind of character. He was hard to read throughout most of the book since he was an actor and hired to flatter the ladies. However it seems at times he went way overboard but I could also see this as him diving into his role fully.

Martin, I did not care for him much he seemed out of place in Austenland. A gardener who breaks the regency rules to talk with the customers, that seems too much of place.  

Miss Charming was my favorite of the female characters and I wish more had been written about her but I can kind of see why she was not given more spotlight since she might come off as annoying.

As for the other cast of characters all of them were unique and well thought out even if they were not a huge part of the plot line.

The writing was elegant and well done. I laughed, got angry, and just thoroughly enjoyed everything Austenland had to offer.

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