Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Widow's Protector - Fitzgerald Bay #4

For some reason I did not care for The Widow's Protector as much as I thought I would. While I really enjoyed the first and third book in the Fitzgerald Bay series the second and fourth book were both let downs for me. Since the overall plot is pretty close to the same for all four and the theme of figuring out who killed Olivia is key in all the books I believe the writing is what turned me off. Each book is written by a different author.

Fiona was an interesting character, it was nice to see a female lead know what she wanted and do what she could to make it happen. Despite her husband dying she embraced God and moved on with her life and with raising her son Sean all the while with her best friend Hunter supporting her. I enjoyed how she came to realization of how she felt about Hunter.

Hunter was a pretty generic character but despite that I wanted to smack him at times for upsetting Fiona. Just because he could not get over the guilt of Jimmy, Fiona's deceased husband, dying in a fire he had to continue to push Fiona away and hurt her.

The clues about the mystery with Olivia were a bit more subtle then suddenly shoved in your face. I just did not care for the execution of it at all.

I saw a few typos and bag grammar in The Widow's Protector but the writing style just was not cutting it for me overall.

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