Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Howl's Moving Castle - Howl's Moving Castle #1

Howl's Moving Castle was beyond awesome, exciting, well written, enticing, enchanting, and all around amazing. I wanted to read the book because I love the movie.

Sophie is a one of a kind character and I doubt no matter how many books I read I will come to find someone just like her. Determined to do her duty as the eldest Sophie never complains about the life her step-mother Fanny choose for her and bears the responsibility because she is the eldest. No matter what Sophie does in her life she does it with a flair and her own style. No matter what happened I was cheering for Sophie the entire time. Even better Sophie never rolled over and cried like many female leads seem to.

Howl, I do not think a few words can give Howl justice. While he is arrogant, self-centered, vain, a coward, and childish something about his charm that I cannot help but like him. One of the most powerful wizards of the land I would have thought he would maintain a strong sense of duty to himself and others but I was totally wrong. Howl is only interested in himself and being able to woe as many young girls as he desires.

Micheal was a bit of a surprise since he was apprenticed to Howl I expected him to be a bit like Howl but that was not the case. Hard working, dedicated, intelligent, and a bit self conscious was pretty much what Micheal was made of.

Calcifer is just awesome, a scary fire demon who made a contract with a wizard. I would have loved to see a bit of the story from his point of view. No doubt Calcifer knows things that no one else knew.

While all the relationships between the characters were well thought out, believable, and interesting my favorite relationship was Sophie and Howl. Both came off as stubborn people who refused to change to make the others life easier. At times I want to punch them both in the face for the way they were acting towards each other.

The writing was lovely, believable, and enchanting. I did not notice any grammar mistakes but I was highly adsorbed in the book so if they exist that is most likely why I missed them. I most definitely want to read more of Mrs. Jones work.

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