Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Detective's Secret Daughter - Fitzgerald Bay #3

The Detective's Secret Daughter was a wonderful read. Action packed and fast paced for the entire book.

Each book in the Fitzgerald Bay series is about a different member of the Fitzgerald family. The Detective's Secret Daughter focused on Owen who is a police officer in the community. All the Fitzgerald's are family oriented and family comes first so when Victoria shows up with her nine year old daughter and Owen learns he is the father sparks fly.

Victoria was an inspiring character, while I get that it is categorized as an Inspirational read nothing with Victoria and her faith seemed unbelievable or overbearing. One thing after another kept occurring at the Sugar Plum leaving Victoria scrambling for the truth. Unlike women who just fling themselves upon a man for an easy answer Victoria's stubborn streak came out and she continued to move on relying on herself.

Despite The Detective's Secret Daughter being about Victoria and Owen other characters did show up. Including Keira and Nick who seem to be doing well. Even more exciting for me was the scene between Merry and Douglas. It is nice to know what continues to happen to the people in the previous books.

For the fans who want to know more about Olivia and why she was killed never fear a new exciting clue is presented in The Detective's Secret Daughter. Despite the clue I still have not figure out the killer

The writing was smooth and I only saw one typo near the end. At first I was weary of The Fitzgerald Bay series since each book is written by a different author but I like seeing the big picture come together with so many different writers working together. I eagerly look forward to reading the fourth book.

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