Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gathering Blue - The Giver Quartlet #2

I read Gathering Blue out of order because the waiting list at the library was huge.

It was nice to learn Kira's story, she is an awesome character. Strong, dedicated, and willing to work hard no matter the cost. I love how she embraced the way she was born instead of condemning herself to just feeling sorry for her handicap.

Thomas was an interesting character as well and I wish that some of the story had been told from his point of view. While Jo was a young girl I found her unique and inspiring in a lot of ways. I feel bad fro the fate in store for her.

Matt was my favorite and while I knew his story from the third book it was nice to see him before he joined the healing village.

Once again I am not sure I got the allegory that Mrs. Lowry was going for. I did notice a couple grammar mistakes but otherwise the writing was smooth.

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