Friday, November 14, 2014

The Kill Order - The Maze Runner 0.5

I definitely did not get what I was expecting when I read The Kill Order and it was not in a good way either.

Mark seemed a bit cookie cutter to me and since the story was told entirely from his point of view he got boring quickly. Add in the fact that the majority of characters were going crazy from the Flare little chance was left for Mark to grow.

My biggest issue was the amount of gore, blood, torture, and disgusting parts. Throughout the majority of the book Mark got the stuffing beat out of him and yet he was able to keep going despite not resting, eating, or getting medical treatment. I get that he was running on adrenaline for a lot of the fights but surely that would not last for days.

The only reason I kept reading was I wanted to know more about the origins of WICKED and not much was really shared sadly since Mark was not part of the WICKED group. All in all The Kill Order was a huge let down.

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