Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ogre Ogre - Xanth #5

Ogre Ogre is another pun filled tale taking place in the land of Xanth.

Smash is half Ogre and half Curse-fiend but he considers himself an Ogre. Finding himself at the Magician Humfrey's castle Smash receives an answer for a question he does not ask. Baffled Smash agrees to travel with Tandy as protection. Their travels across Xanth cause the group to grow and Smash finds himself surrounded by girls he feels the need to protect. Since Smash considers himself an ogre and ogres have little intelligence you see Smash second guessing himself a good deal along with Smash wondering if he is thinking clearly on how to handle situations. 

Tandy is half nymph and half human whose magical power is to throw a tantrum. Despite her ability to protect herself a demon torments her relentlessly so Tandy seeks the help of the Magician Humfrey. After staying in the castle as a guest of the Magician Tandy is set out with Smash despite her protests. Since little of the story is told from Tandy's point of view it is hard to know what she is thinking but you do see some growth in her as a character. Tandy learns courage and caution alike.

Ogre Ogre continues the typical style of previous Xanth books in being written in pun with lots of descriptive details. 

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