Saturday, July 11, 2015

Angelbound - Angelbound Origins #1

As much as I liked Angelbound I ended up having some issues with it at times.

Myla is a totally awesome heroine and takes no nonsense from anyone. A Quasi Demon with Fury as her trait makes her the perfect warrior to keep bad time souls out of heaven and the not so perfect person to be considered a slave of the ghouls. The rebellious side of Myla constantly keeps her in trouble and getting in trouble for not obeying the ghouls who rule purgatory.

Lincoln is one of my all time favorite male characters. The High Prince of the Thrax Lincoln totally embraces his birthright of hunting demons. So when Myla and Lincoln stumble upon each other it was intense. Determined to do what is best for the Thrax and not shake up Purgatory Lincoln works at being diplomatic while trying not to show his open disgust at the Quasi Demons.

The writing was lots of fun to read, I was constantly second guessing myself right up until the end. Every time I thought I had something figured out a new occurrence had me rethinking my conclusions which I loved. Another thing I enjoyed no love triangles or even a hint of one which was refreshing.

Some downsides to Angelbound the mother was poorly portrayed at the start so she came off as badly written, it was not until the middle or so that it made sense the mother is way she is. Angelbound ended oddly, at least in my opinion. It was nonstop action and then the last couple chapters the action just disappeared and died down which seemed odd and out of place since it did not fit with the rest of the story. I am guessing Christina Bauer did not want to end on an action intense cliffhanger but that lowers my desire to go out and buy the second book as quick as possible. Racism against different species was also handled a bit funky at times, that is all I can really say without giving spoilers.

Despite my complaints with it I thoroughly enjoyed Angelbound and do want to read the next book in the series.

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