Saturday, July 25, 2015

Anna and the French Kiss

Normally I do not go for pure romance but I am so glad I gave Anna and the French Kiss a try it was a delightful read.

I loved Anna, she was one of the most believable characters I have ever seen. As a seventeen year old teenager she goes through a variety of moods and not all of them are pleseant. Terrified of living in Paris Anna hides in her room until some fellow students literally force her out to see Paris. Slowly Anna adjusts to life in Paris and attempts to learn French. Over time she gets to be better friends with some of her fellow students and eventually best friends with St. Clair. Unfortunately for Anna she slowly starts to fall for St. Clair who has a steady girlfriend.

Since everything was told from Anna's point of view you never get into the mind of St. Clair however from his actions it is clear he struggled with how to handle relationships in his life. Like Anna St. Clair seemed like a real person. One with problems, who made wrong choices, and who struggled with life at times.

One of my favorite parts was the intimate parts were PG13 and below. The writing was also lovely with a nice flow to it. The story moved along at a nice pace giving neither too much information or too little. I would love to more work by Stephanie Perkins.

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