Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Sea of Monsters

When The Lightening Thief was first released my friend read it and asked me to read it as well. I was not a huge fan but I did finish it to discuss it with my friend. While I was at the library I saw The Sea of Monsters and figured I would give Percy another try. I am glad I did since I enjoyed The Sea of Monsters.

Percy was not nearly as annoying as he was in The Lightening Thief and I actually found myself rooting for Percy several times. The thing I love most about Percy is he never gives up and finds a way to make things happen along with that stubbornness Percy refuses to leave a friend in peril. While several heroes tend to be this way I like the way Percy acts and comes across as a unique character in my point of view.

I do have some issues with the writing. While the story reads smoothly enough at times I see some grammar mistakes that bother me.

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