Monday, September 7, 2015

Middle Ground

Thankfully Middle Ground did not suffer from what I call the dreaded second book syndrome. While a bit slower then Awaken I was still unable to put down Middle Ground and I am eager to start Still Point the final book in the Awaken series.

Maddie continues to amaze me as she learns about a world unplugged. Having hidden behind digital screens for most of her life Maddie finds excitement and happiness in everything around her that is not digital. In that way she reminds me of a child but her attitude of allowing everyone a choice and refusing to back down balances out her inner child making Maddie a well rounded character.

Justin continues to be aloof and mysterious which I do like about him but he is slowly working on opening up to Maddie which fits well with everything that is going on around them. Instant love has never been my think but I understand instant attraction which both Maddie and Justin seemed to have for each other.

The writing continued to be well done and I love how things continued from Maddie's point of view along since that is how the Awaken series started. A novella from Justin's point of view would be interesting. I look forward to the conclusion to the series.

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