Saturday, September 5, 2015


Awaken really hit home since I totally see people becoming more and more dependent upon technology and becoming more digital in their lifestyles.

Maddie is freaking awesome and I love how she is slowly revealed to be this kick-butt girl who is tired of being oppressed by her father the founder of Digital School. With the United States becoming a more dangerous place keeping children indoors and attending school through the internet is now the norm. As a result of that children and teenagers have almost no face to face interaction with anyone. Instead they meet in cybercafes to hang out and things like that. This is Maddie's life until she agrees to a study group and meets Justin.

Justin is an outspoken radical against Digital School and wants people to have a choice. Using every means possible he battles against students being forced to attend school from their bedroom. With his dangerous lifestyle Justin has never allowed himself to get close to anyone and he is not about to change that for Maddie.

I could not get enough of Awaken and I love the story. It is a real eye opener for how the world is becoming and I hope the world never goes as far as Awaken does. I look forward to reading Middle Ground the next book in the series.

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