Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am Grimalkin

I have always wanted to read about the world Tom Ward lives in from a different characters point of view and I am Grimalkin provided that point of view. My only wish was Grimalkin had some observations about Tom since I am curious what other characters think of Tom.

Grimalkin is the feared witch assassin of the Malkin clan. Revered as the strongest of the witch clan assassin's Grimalkin has taken on the job of carrying the Fiend's head and keeping it out of the hands of the Fiend's servants. Wanting vengeance against the Fiend Grimalkin is ruthless and proves several times why she is the most feared of the witch assassins.

While I liked the story I did miss seeing Tom, Alice, and The Spook. I am Grimalkin almost felt like a companion novel and not part of the whole series.

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