Monday, June 22, 2015

The Source of Magic - Xanth #2

The Source of Magic has been on my to-read list for a good while. Having read several Xanth stories over the the years I have always wanted to know how Xanth had magic. Sadly of all the Xanth stories I have read I like The Source of Magic the least.

Bink having figured out his magical talent is married to Chameleon and a bit restless with life. Due to the nature of his talent King Trent orders Bink to find the source of Xanth's magic. Eager to get out and experience a quest once again Bink sets off on the quest with his friends. Despite getting married Bink has not really changed, he still sees women by their looks first and anything else second.

My biggest issue with The Source of Magic was the puns, they did not just grab at me. Since puns are what I enjoy about the series that is why I did not enjoy The Source of Magic as much as I had hoped I would. Another drawback was the end got extremely complicated and I had to keep re-reading parts to understand it.

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