Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fury - The Seven Deadly #3

Fury turned out differently then I expected it to. Of The Seven Deadly series it is my least favorite so far.

Ethan Moonsong was introduced in Greed and I did like what I saw of him in Greed. Unfortunately I did not care for Ethan nearly as much as I thought I would. Convinced his life is over due to Cricket leaving him Ethan is determined to drink himself into oblivion. Not my favorite thing about a character and due to this I found the start of the book boring. Thankfully Ethan gets some sense knocked into him about his drinking and that does not stick around for the rest of the story. My other major issue with Ethan is he represents fury and it is not until near the end of Fury that you see why Ethan is fury.

Finley was interesting but I did not like that things were shown from her point of view at times. This was not done in previous books in The Seven Deadly series so I hope it is not a trend that continues. I did like Finley more then Ethan but Fin is not one of my favorite characters by far.

The writing was still well done though my copy did have an error in the printing which drove me crazy. Despite the issues I had with Fury I do look forward to Lust.

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