Saturday, June 13, 2015

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl - Acrona #1

I first read Acorna the Unicorn Girl in high school and the only thing I recalled about it was I liked it enough to read the whole series.

Since Acorna is an alien it is hard to say how much development and growth she really showed over the course of the story. While she did grow to an adult form in some ways her mental capacity did not grow with her and Acorna was ignorant to the ways of humans despite being raised by them. I do like Acorna she is willful and determined to do what is right no matter the risk to herself however I do think I have outgrown the series since I recalled liking it way more in high school then in re-reading Acorna: The Unicorn Girl this time.

The writing was easy to understand and despite jumping between characters I did not get confused as to what was going on. Despite enjoying Acorna: The Unicorn Girl I will not be continuing on with the rest of the series.

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