Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cycle of Hatred

Cycle of Hatred was a fun, easy, read rich with lore from the World of Warcraft characters I adore.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore takes center stage and I adored reading about Jaina. Revered as one of the most powerful mages alive and a leader Jaina has a lot on her plate. With the Burning Legion pushed back Jaina focuses on working on the alliance between humans and orcs. While she is eager to work with Thrall to come to a solution not all the humans who follow Jaina are eager for that solution to come into effect. 

Thrall, the proud leader of the Horde wants peace between the orcs and the humans as much as Jaina. Yet with all the accidents and mishaps occurring for the orcs Thrall is unsure if that will ever happen. Busy with keeping the orcs under his command Thrall wants to believe Jaina but also does not want to call his followers liars. Walking a delicate line Thrall searches for the truth of what is happening to push the orcs and humans to war once again. 

 The writing was smooth and well done. I did not stumble or get confused with who was talking despite many points of view being shared. Once again I look forward to reading more of the lore books pertaining to World of Warcraft.

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