Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Castle Roogna - Xanth #3

Castle Roogna is a magical story filled with time travel and always amazing puns.

Dor is the son of Bink and Chameleon, a full fledged wizard Dor is most likely the next to inherit the crown. Able to talk to any nonliving thing few secrets are kept from Dor. I really liked Dor, while he was like his father in Bink some ways it was clear Dor was struggling to find his own path and grow into his own man. At twelve years old Dor is just starting to enter the path of becoming a man. Having been given a quest by King Trent Dor is eager to get out and prove himself. Unlike most pre-teens Dor did not feel invincible and I liked that about him. Instead of seeing his talent as all powerful Dor viewed himself more as how others saw him weak with an annoying talent. Thankfully while undertaking the quest Dor learns a lot about himself and gets a whole new outlook on life.

Normally books with time travel bother me a lot but Castle Roogna did a nice job of making time travel work. It fit with the way the story flowed and how things work in Xanth. Like other Xanth stories the puns were ever present and always entertaining. I look forward to reading more Xanth stories.

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