Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Spell for Chameleon - Xanth #1

This was my second time reading A Spell for Chameleon. All I recalled from my previous time reading it was that I loved it. Even though my taste has changed some since the first time I read A Spell for Chameleon I still loved it.

Bink of the North Village is a typical guy in his twenties. He dreams of marrying his lovely childhood friend Sabrina and living happily ever after in Xanth. Only this is not possible for Bink since he seems to have no magical talent. Since all creatures in Xanth are magical or have magic this is a problem. Not wanting to leaving his home Bink sets out on a journey to find out if he has any magical talent at all.

Many other notable characters are included in A Spell for Chameleon however I do not want to give anything way by mentioning them since the ones that stick around the longest show up in the second half of A Spell for Chameleon.

It seemed several people had issues with Bink and the way Bink viewed woman. Well not all men view women the same and A Spell for Chameleon is a story so if you are super sensitive to men taking long looks at women I would not suggest A Spell for Chameleon for you. I personally did not find it distracting from the story and liked a guy who was not perfect.

Piers Anthony is one of my all time favorite writes, I love the puns he includes in his Xanth books and am always wanting to read more of Mr. Anthony's work.

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