Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sacrifice - Elemental #5

Sacrifice was defiantly not what I was expecting for the final book in the Elemental series. The whole series changed a lot from the first book and while I liked some changes in the series others I was not overly fond of.

Michael was a pretty awesome character and I loved how he kept trying to do the right thing no matter what. His behavior was totally believable and pulled at my emotions. Everything about him was brilliant but everyone else was less than stellar.

Hannah drove me crazy. I dreaded reading the parts from her point of view and just wanted them to end. I found her to be a whinny child in an adults body who threw a fit because she felt people treated her like a child which is how she acted a lot of the time.

The overall plot seemed well thought out but I would have liked a chance to know the guides a bit more. It made it hard for the reader to really feel anything but malice towards them. Maybe that was the goal of Kemmerer though.

I did not like the end of the series I felt it was too abrupt and not thought out enough. An epilogue set a year in the future would have been nice.

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