Friday, December 5, 2014

Damsel Under Stress - Enchanted Inc #3

I was hoping for more from Damsel Under Stress since the first two books were amazing. Sadly Damsel Under Stress seems to suffer from the dreaded second book curse despite being the third book in the series.

Katie seems to have everything going for her, she has a good job, is loving life in New York, and dating the man of her dreams. The good times last for about two chapters before disaster strikes again. Despite being magically immune Katie seems to attract magic like it is going out of style. Every time she turns around some magical interference is trying to mess with her life. In the previous books the scenarios were funny, believable, and enjoyable. Sadly Damsel Under Stress seemed to try too hard at times to make things funny and chaotic. 

I did enjoy learning more about Owen. He is still a huge mystery and one I would like to know more about. Since it has been mentioned in all three books how powerful Owen's magical ability is I want to see him do more big magic. Owen's relationship with Katie is super cute and I love how he is not cookie cutter. While he is an all around nice guy he is also awkward and more like a boy with a crush at times but it totally suits his personality.

The writing was not as well done this time. I saw mistakes in several spots and things just did not flow as well. I might have noticed the mistakes this time due to not enjoying the story as much as the previous stories.

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