Monday, December 22, 2014

Firefly Lane - Firefly Lane #1

I had no clue that Firefly Lane was as series when I started it and I despite the book being amazing I have no desire to read the sequel.

So many times I wanted to throw the book through the window or in the trash, I could relate to Tully and her issues with her mother more then I like to admit. That was the only redeeming quality I found in Tully she drove me crazy and I have no clue why Katie continued to be friends with her. Self-center, petty, rude, and brash are just a few words to describe Tully. If not for Katie most likely Tully's life would have turned out very different.

Katie was the light of hope in Tully's life and despite being treated horribly she kept going back to Tully like she needed her to be noticed. It was sad to see how dependent upon Tully she could be. While smart and dedicated Katie was a total follower and let Tully rule her life.

The whole story centers on the relationship between the two girls and everything else is on the back burner. While a longer book I did not really notice it as being a heavy read, I just seemed to fly through it but now that I am done I cannot really put into words why I enjoyed reading it.

Kristin Hannah is an amazing author, some of the best writing I have read recently. It just flowed so smoothly and evenly, I only noticed one typo. All in all an alright read that is very different from what I normally go for.

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