Friday, December 12, 2014

Don't Hex with Texas - Enchanted, Inc. #4

Thank goodness Don't Hex with Texas made up for Damsel Under Stress. Totally on par with the first two books and I highly enjoyed every second of it.

Katie knew she was the weak link for Owen and had to change that to keep everyone as safe as possible. Going back to Texas seemed like the perfect way out for her despite what she really wanted. I felt so bad for Katie in doing the right thing and having to give up the new life she built especially when magic followed her home.

Owen, I still desire to know more about him but I just wanted to hug him for most of the book. His gentle and quiet personality fit with everything perfectly in the plot. Normally he is so quiet that he blends in and is easily forgotten but not in Don't Hex with Texas, he made a wonderful statement.

Getting to know more of Katie's family was awesome. Everyone was diverse and while some were extrentic it was not taken over the top.

I eagerly look forward to the next adventure Katie will have with various members of the magical community.

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